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Instagram is a well famous social media platform. You can post your favorite photos, videos and share them with your friends all over the world. Instagram MOD APK comes with pretty interesting and handy features for users.

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There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the largest social media networks with millions of people all over the world. The reason behind its massive popularity is its unique and interesting features. All the users [Desktop or Mobile] can use all its features including sharing photos, videos, making reels, IGTV, sharing stories, and a lot more. Mostly all the features and options are packed on its application. So most mobile phone users use Instagram extensively.

To use Instagram, you have to create your own account and then you are eligible to use all its options. Such as you are able to upload stunning photos, and stories, use different filters, create interesting reels, etc. Feel free to create an account and connect with your friends. Here you can find all the communication options like chat, video calls, and share posts.

Instagram definitely provides all the features but there are some limitations still available. So we decide to provide the Instagram MOD APK download with extra useful features. It really enhances your overall experience and gives access fully for free. Here we discuss all the features that it offers. So, you get a clear idea to use the app on your device. If you are interested to use and install Instagram Mod Apk then let’s start.

What Is Instagram MOD APK?

Instagram MOD APK is a modified app that allows users to use all free and some extra features. It comes with all the usual including extra enjoyable and handy options. The Mod Apk only supports Android smartphones. It has all the engaging features that give an immersive experience.

It is very suitable for sharing photos and videos to get likes, comments, and engagements. Billions of people are connected and use Instagram and you can easily get closer to the world with your content. Here you can get followers and as your followers are growing, you get more engagement on your content. Feel free to install Instagram MOD APK on your device and use all the unlocked features.

Why You Should Use Instagram?

You know that Instagram is a very popular social media network Facebook. Lots of people are actively using this social media all over the world. Here you can easily get connect with your friends with chat, video calls, and stories. Also, it provides numerous features and functions for users. The best thing, it brings trending options for example short video platform reels.

If you like to watch a short video or create them then Instagram also has the feature. So, it is a pretty handy social app and packed with all useful options. That’s the reason you should use Instagram to communicate with friends and share your content with ease.

Best Features of Instagram MOD APK

We already mentioned that Instagram MOD APK contains all the normal as well as more handy features. Here we going to cover all those features in detail. So, you get to know all about this app and use it in a better way. Here it is.

1. User-Friendly Design with Awesome Experience

Instagram Mod Apk comes with a pretty simple and user-friendly design. Any beginner can use and explore the app easily. The experience of this app really awesome and you get all the necessary options using touch and gestures. Below the app has the main navigation where you can search quickly, access Instagram reels content, all notifications, and last your profile option. When you click on the profile option, you get to see all your post such as photos and videos. Also, you are able to check how much you post, your followers, and your following.

Instagram MOD APK all unlocked features

In the home tab, you get access to all the stories at the top with a beautiful circle design. You can swipe left and right to see all your friend’s stories. Here you can scroll to explore the feed and see all photos, videos, and interesting posts as well. You can double-tap to give like and comment on them. Overall it is pretty easy to use Instagram Mod App on your device. Feel free to install and use it with touch and amazing gesture controls.

2. Easy Register and Explore Feed

It is mandatory to register on Instagram to explore the feed and use all its features. Don’t worry, it offers pretty easy registration for the users. Only you need to provide an email and choose a username, and password. Then you can create an account to use it. Another way to sign in is by using Facebook. If you already have a Facebook account then use it to sign in on Instagram as well.

When you complete the registration, you become a member of this community. Feel free to post your first image or video to get likes and engagement. All you have to do, is swipe left and choose photos from your phone gallery. Then put some captions, hashtags, and post on Instagram. Also, Instagram provides interesting and stunning posts based on your interest in the feed. So explore the feed and engage with the post.

3. Create Awesome Photos and Share on Stories

When you try to share media on stories, Instagram gives two options. Either you can select the photo or video from the gallery or take a photo using the camera. After you select the photo, you can edit them using lots of filters, effects, stickers, and more. Using the editor, you are able to create awesome photos to share in the stories section. Also, you can edit media for posts on the feed as well.

The stories feature is only available for 24 hours. This means, you only can visible the media on your stories only one day. Then it automatically removes and your friends do not see the story. Definitely try and create amazing stories, highlights, posts using its unique filters.

4. Download All Photos and Videos Easily

Downloading all posts such as photos and videos is very useful. Because sometimes we see an interesting and useful post and want to download it for offline viewing. Now, if you use the usual Instagram app then you can’t get the option to download posts. Here Instagram MOD APK comes into play. It gives you the option to download all photos and videos from Instagram easily.

All you need to do, click on the three dots on the post and you get to see lots of options. Here you can see the Download button. Just click on it and then the particular post starts downloading on your device.

5. Communicate with Friends Using Text Messages & Video Calls

It is pretty essential to communicate with friends on a social media app. So Instagram has the option to chat with all your friends and video calls. Also, there are lots of options are available for example voice messages, sending images, stickers, and more.

To access the list of your friends for communication, you need to open Instagram Mod Apk and swipe the screen to the right side. Then you are able to see all the friends list. You need to tap on it and send the text to the friend. At the top, you get to see the video call option. Feel free to communicate with all your friends and family using text chats, voice chat, video calls, and more.

6. Customizable Profile and Show All

Customize your Profile on Instagram MOD APK

As you create an account on Instagram, it gives you a profile page to customize them and shows to all users. Here you can set a profile picture, Name, set Username, give a short Bio, website URL, etc. You can change all the content anytime you want. You only need to tap on the Edit Profile button. Then you get all the options to edit the information easily.

Below the Bio section, you can choose Category, some Action button, and Profile Display option. When all is done, click on the top right button to save them.

7. Watch Informative IGTV Video Content

Videos are the best way to consume and people like to watch educational, entertainment, inspirational video rather than an article. Now, Instagram doesn’t allow long-form video content on the feed. If you want to share long video content then you should use IGTV.

So that, all the informative and long videos are available on the IGTV section. To access any account or user IGTV, you need to click on its profile icon and tap on the third option which is IGTV. Here you can see all the latest IGTV in grid style. Click any video and watch them or download them for free.

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8. Enjoy to Create Reels and View

After arriving the TikTok, the short video becomes a trend. Every people want to watch the latest entertaining short video. That’s the reason, Instagram also brings the feature where users can create a short video and view other trending videos. It is called Reel on Instagram. At the bottom of your screen, you get the middle option for the access reel section.

Create Reels and View Trending Reels

When you go to the reel option, you get a similar interface and swipe up to see the latest reel video, double-tap to give like, comment, share, etc. Here you also can create reel video easily. Just open select music and open the phone camera. Then record the video and give filters, stickers to create reels.

9. Enjoy Best Recommendations from Other Accounts

The Instagram algorithm finds the best post based on your interest. Basically, it observes your behavior and recommends the best videos, reels, photos, on your feed. So you do not get bored exploring the Instagram Feed. That’s the reason people actively use it in their free time and enjoy it.

10. No Ads

Instagram contains ads on its interface. When you explore the feed, you can see ads that look very similar to a post. Now, if you want a clean UI then you should install Instagram MOD APK. It doesn’t show any kind of annoying ads. Also, you can enjoy the best Mod game on your Android device which is Stumble Guys MOD APK for free.

All MOD Features

  1. Easy to Download all Stories, Photos, Videos, Highlights, etc.
  2. Maintain the Best Privacy.
  3. Save all the IGTV videos on your smartphone.
  4. Get all the photos in original quality.
  5. Track who unfollows you.
  6. Advanced translate feature.
  7. Additional App locker.
  8. Get followers quickly.

All Details

MOD FeaturesFull Unlocked

System Requirments

System requirement is a very crucial part of getting smooth and stable performance on your device. So you need to check your device requirements before downloading or installing the app. Here we share all the details for the check. Here it is.

  • Processor: Octa-Core Processor with 1.8GHz Clock Speed [Recommended MediaTek P60, SD 636]
  • RAM: 3GB or 4GB
  • Storage: 66MB
  • OS: Above Android 4.4
  • Permission: Microphone, Camera, Location, Contacts, Storage, Phone Info, SMS, Wi-Fi, Gallery

How to Download and Install Instagram MOD APK on Your Device?

Downloading Instagram MOD APK from this site is an easy task. It is the perfect and official site to download and install Instagram Mod Apk on your Android smartphone. Here you get the download button and you only need to click on it. Then you redirect to the download page and the Mod Apk file starts downloading on your phone.

You need to install it after completing the download Apk for free. Without Install, you can’t use all its unlocked and extra features on your device. If you don’t know the installation method then follow our step-by-step guide.

Step #1: Open your favorite Internet browser and visit this page.

Step #2: Click on the Download button at the top of this page.

Step #3: Open File Manager on your device and tap on the Apk file.

Step #4: Enable the “Unknown Sources”, if you facing the blocking issue. Then press the back button.

Step #5: Then you get the Install button. Just tap on it and then the app starts installing.

Congratulations! you are ready to use all the unlocked features of the Instagram Mod Apk for free.

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People Also Asked [FAQ]

Is it the latest version of Instagram MOD APK?

Yes, we only provide the latest version of the Instagram Mod Apk for you. So, you get all the latest features and the best performance as well. When the developer releases an update, you get the updated and latest version Apk from here.

Can I use Instagram MOD APK without Login?

Unfortunately no, you can’t use Instagram Mod Apk and all its unlocked features without login. It is very easy to signup and we already discussed the registration process. You only need an email, then choose the username and password. Also, you can use Facebook to log in with ease.

Is Instagram MOD APK safe to use?

Yes, definitely it is safe to use Instagram MOD APK on your smartphone. There are no issues on privacy and account-related problems. Millions of people use it daily without any hassle.

How can I get Instagram Mod Apk unlimited followers?

Instagram MOD APK uses the same resources and algorithm so there is no rocket science in it. To get unlimited followers, you have to post great content such as photos, videos, IGTV, reels, etc. You need to continue posting helpful content and then you get followers automatically.

How Can I use Instagram on PC?

You can use Instagram Mod Apk on your PC using Bluestacks. First, you need to install Bluestacks on your PC and then install the Mod Apk of Instagram. Now, you are ready to use Instagram on your PC.


On this page, we provide Instagram MOD APK download free with full unlocked features. Also, we cover all its features in detail and share step-by-step installation methods. I hope you like the page and share it with your friend’s circle.

You can comment on us if you have any queries or facing issues during downloading it. We try to solve the problem and answer you very soon. Also, check our site for getting new updates. Lastly thanks for visiting our website.