How to Create Instagram Avatar and Use Easily in 2023

To use all Instagram features and options, you need an active account and login. Then you are able to chat with friends, share pictures, videos, and explore feeds, and other options. Now, when trying to create a new account then you should use a profile picture and this profile plays an important role on every social media platform, right? So, we used to upload the best photo from our phone gallery.

Today, technology becomes more advanced and powerful. All the big tech company also works on AI and machine learning to create some amazing things. Now, Instagram owned by Meta is also trying to implement the 3D Avatar on its platform like Facebook. Now, Meta brings this same feature on Instagram also because people really like it and use it.

This 3D avatar feature first comes on Snapchat named Bitmoji and users really like it. So, other social media platforms also bring the feature, and now you can use it on Instagram as well. So, if you are really interested to create Instagram Avatar then let’s dive in.

What Is Instagram Avatar?

Instagram Avatar is a 3D sticker that looks like Bitmoji. It looks like you and you also can customize it according to your needs. It is so customizable such as hair, face, color, eye shape, nose, body, etc. There are lots of customization options available and you can explore them to make the best avatar. When you complete making your avatar, you are able to share it with your friends easily.

Create Your Customize Instagram Avatar [Step-By-Step]

You already know because we mentioned earlier that Instagram brings this Avatar maker option and if you are an Instagram user then you are able to make your own avatar. Only you need to follow some important steps.

Step 1: Make sure you use the Instagram app [Android or iOS] to create the avatar. Open the app and tap on the profile icon from below the navigation bar.

Create Avatar in Instagram for free

Step 2: Then tap on the three lines in the top right corner and click on the first option “Setting“.

Step 3: After clicking on Setting, you need to click on the Account and the “Avatar” option.

Step 4: When you click on Avatar from the menu, you are able to access the Avatar Editor.

Step 5: The app processes something and give you a face character. Now, you can customize them to make them a unique look.

Make Instagram Avatar and Share

Step 6: When you did the editing and customization, just click on the “Done” button and Save Changes.

So, you only need to follow those six simple steps. Once you complete then you are able to create your own avatar successfully on Instagram.

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How to Share Your Instagram Avatar on Stories?

You successfully create the Instagram Avatar and you can share it on Stories and DMs. In this way, you are able to share your avatar with all your friends. Here is the guide to sharing the Avatar on stories easily.

  • You need to swipe right to go to the stories section and take a picture. Then click on the Sticker icon on the top.
  • Then you have to choose the “Avatar” option and then you see your created avatar.
  • You also can use different stickers on your avatar also to look more attractive in the story.
  • Then you tap on the Your Story option and share it to the story with one tap.
  • You also can share your avatar on DMs using the same process but only you need to go to the Chat window to choose the Avatar.

Can You Use Your Same Instagram Avatar on Facebook and Messenger?

The very short answer is “Yes”. You are able to use the same avatar on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger also. Even when you complete the creating part of your own avatar, you get a window to do it. Here you can allow or deny as well. So, it is possible to use your same Instagram Avatar on Facebook and Messenger with ease.


On this page, we try to discuss how you can make or create your own Instagram Avatar with ease. Also, we guide you to share the avatar on Stories and DMs as well. I hope you like the post and if yes then kindly share it with your friends.

If you have any questions or doubts then comment down below. Also, let us know whether you want to share your avatar on other platforms or not. Lastly thanks for coming to our site and reading the post.

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