How to View Your Old Instagram Bio and Copy Bio Text Easily

You know Instagram is a leading social platform and people really love to use all its features. But you definitely need to have an active Instagram account to use its application and web. It is free and easy to create an Instagram account and log in on your device. Only you need to submit your name, email, or phone number, and choose the username and password. Then you are able to signup on Instagram.

After signup, you get a profile page where you can change your profile picture, Edit your profile, and more. Here the Edit Profile is a pretty important option to customize your profile page. And the profile page plays an important role on Instagram, Right? In this Edit profile section, you are able to give your Name, Username, Website Link, and Bio text. Also, you get lots of other options are available below such as select category, contact options, profile display option, and more. But here our main topic is the bio content or text.

Back in the day, you are able to view your old Instagram bio text easily. In fact, you are able to see the fonts you use to write the quotes and texts. But it is no longer available this feature and Instagram remove this option. But there is an easy way to view your old bio text and copy them without any issue. Only you need to follow some necessary steps and then you are able to do it on your smartphone. So, let’s dive in.

How to View Old Instagram Bio Text

You can easily check your old Bio text with the same fonts in the Android or iOS Instagram App. You are not able to do it on the web because this feature is not available on the web application. There are five simple steps you need to go through.

Step 1: You need to open the Instagram application on your smartphone and tap on the Profile Picture Icon below the navigation bar. When you click on it, you go to the profile screen and then tap on the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

Step 2: Then a menu appears from the bottom of the screen and you need to tap on “Your Activity”. Now, you are able to Manage your Activity like Time Spent, Photos and Videos, Interactions, Etc. But choose the “Account History” option.

Step 3: Once you click on the Account History, you are able to all the history that you already did on your account. Just scroll down and see the Bio option and tap on it.

Step 4: Then you are able to see all the Bio text that you use in History. But you can’t copy those texts directly. This option was also removed by Instagram. However, you can take a screenshot and use 3rd party application to extract the text and copy the text.

Step 5: Now, you go to the Profile Screen and tap on the “Edit Profile” option. Then paste the text that you copied from the Old Instagram Bio and Save.

How to Copy Instagram Bio Text Directly?

Generally, the free Instagram application doesn’t have the copy bio text option but if you use Instagram Pro then you are able to copy bio text easily. Sometimes we like someone’s bio text like quotes or unique fonts but can’t do it. It is easy to write the same quotes texts but you can’t get the beautiful fonts. Because there are lots of fonts available and finding the exact same fonts is hard. However, the Instagram Pro App helps you to copy the whole Bio texts with fonts with a single click. Just open the profile screen and then click on the copy button. Then the text is copied on your clipboard. Now, you can paste it anywhere you want.

Can I Delete the Old Instagram Bios Permanently?

The answer is No, you can’t delete all your old Instagram bio text permanently. Because it is stored on the Instagram database. So, you can’t access the database if you are a normal user of Instagram. Only you can edit them and change them according to your needs.


On this page, we bring a detailed guide on how to view an old Instagram bio and copy its texts easily. I hope you understand and like the post. If you really like it and think it is very helpful then kindly share it with your friends. If you have any questions or queries then you can comment down below. We try to give a proper answer reply very soon. So, thanks for coming and reading the post.

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