How You Know If Anyone Blocked on Instagram in 2023

Today, most smartphone users install the Instagram app and stars share images & videos. It becomes a popular social media platform and you can use lots of unique features. You can make friends, start following celebrities, and more. Here users can communicate with each other by text, make video calls, etc. Now, you may notice someone’s post does not come to your feed. So, you worried about if the person block you or not. Because you not getting all the posts suddenly from anyone you follow.

Also, you try to message the person but don’t get any reply. So, you want to know if anybody is blocked on Instagram. To confirm that the user block you then you need to follow some methods. Once you try that method, you are able to confirm that the user blocks you. So, if you really want to know then let’s dive in.

Get to Know Someone Blocked You On Instagram

There are a number of ways are available where you come to know easily whether anyone blocks you or not. Also, people have some misconceptions about other not working ways. So, we going to discuss both the methods and you can finally confirm whether you have been blocked or not. So, don’t waste more time, let’s start.

Visit Profile URL on Instagram Web

The best way to check that person who may block you is to visit the profile URL. Here you definitely need to know the username of the user or the profile URL. However, if you have the username of the user then you can easily make the profile URL as well.

When you have the profile URL then open an internet browser and make sure you do not log in to Instagram web. If you already login then you can use the private or incognito window on your device.

So, you need to visit this type URL ““. If the user blocks you and you already log in then it doesn’t show you. Here it may possible that the user deactivates or delete the account. So, you need to cross-check that the account is open. Right?

So, once you use the incognito window on your browser and visit the profile URL then you can see the profile page. And when you log in then you can’t see, it means the user blocked you. It is a pretty easy and short method to check the user who blocks you. But you definitely need the right username or profile URL.

Now, if you use the private window and the user actually deletes or deactivates the account then it shows the URL no longer available. So, you come to know that the user actually deletes the account and did not post content in it.

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Try to Search the Username on the Application

You use the Instagram application and want to find out if someone blocks you or not then search the username. It is the basic and one of the easiest ways to know that anybody blocks you on Instagram.

All you have to do is open the app and tap on the Search icon on the below bar, and then type the username in the search box. Now if the user blocks you then Instagram shows that “No result found”. But if you see the result in this search section then the user can’t block you. As you can see it is a very basic and easy way to know someone blocked you.

Open Profile Page on Instagram App

We already told you that if the person blocks you then you are not able to find it even in search. Now, you need to explore and find out the old comments or DMs on that user post. Once you find then you can easily open the Profile page, right?

If you can’t see any posts then the person not block you. Now, if you see some post it means they blocked you.

Another thing, if you have doubt that the user deletes the account then you can ask a mutual friend. So, your friend can check the user. In this way, you come to know whether the account already deletes or not.

Methods that You Should Avoid

There are lots of people who don’t have the proper knowledge to understand and believe some methods that not working. So, they blindly believe those methods. That’s the main reason we want to share some of the methods that people think that it works and they try to use them.

1. Check Profile Picture

Actually, all Instagram users also use WhatsApp. So, we see that when a user blocks WhatsApp, it doesn’t show the profile picture. It is a sign that the person blocks you. Now, some people use the same method and try to check the profile picture. But the main thing is, that Instagram still shows the profile picture even if the person blocks you. That’s why the profile picture checking method is completely wrong and you need to avoid it.

2. Send Messages

If you are familiar with Snapchat then you may know that if someone blocks you on Snapchat then you can’t message. If you try to send messages then it shows an error. It is also a good sign to know that the user blocks you on Snapchat. But this feature also does not work on Instagram. You can send messages and you can’t get any kind of notice or error. So, it also does not works properly and you need to avoid it.


In this detailed guide, we try to discuss how you can check if someone blocks you on Instagram. It is the latest method and works really well. I hope you understand all the methods and successfully identify them. If you really like then kindly share this post with your friends.

If you have any questions or queries then comment down below. Also, let me know which method you try to use first. Lastly thanks for coming and reading this post.

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